Using the Internet to Search for Single Story Homes in Carlsbad CA

Using the Internet to Search for Single Story Homes in Carlsbad CA

Most homebuyers use the Internet to find single story homes for sale in Carlsbad CA. In fact, almost 90% of buyers use the Internet to search for homes, look at photos of listings, research about neighborhoods, and learn more about the buying and mortgage process.

Make your home search easier using the internet. Here are tips on how to search for a single story home in Carlsbad CA online.

More Options on the Internet for Home Buyers

On average, buyers search the Internet for a time period of 10 weeks and visit 10 homes before they find the right home to buy. 65% of buyers walked through a home they found as a result of their search online. Buyers who do not use the Internet only took 5 weeks to search and visited an average of 5 homes before finding the perfect home. What this means is, the more information a buyer has access to, the more choices of homes they have to choose from.

How to Search for Homes Online

Buying a home is mostly a process of elimination and the Internet is a great place for you to narrow down your search, as well as consulting with a Real Estate Agent who has access to listings exclusively on the MLS.

Here are tips on how to search for homes online:

  1. Get information about single story Carlsbad CA homes for sale

Ask your agent to show you listings on the MLS that meet your needs and pinpoint to your agent the ones you like or are interested to know more about.

  1. Take a virtual tour

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you no longer have to leave the comforts of your home to take a tour of a single story  home for sale in Carlsbad CA.Most online listings nowadays offer virtual tours which offer buyers a sneak peek inside the property. This chance to view a property from the inside will help you decide whether you want to visit the home in person or cross it out from your list.

  1. Check out interactive maps of Carlsbad CA

There are lots of listings that feature interactive maps of  the area around single story homes in Carlsbad CA. If the listing does not have this option, you can go to Google Maps and and check out the nearby amenities and landmarks, schools, parks, hospitals, restaurants, local businesses, etc. Seeing what’s near the area will give you a feel of how it’s like to live there and help you decide if it’s right for you.

  1. Research about the community and neighborhood

Get important information not only about the home for sale, but the community and neighborhood like crime rate, local school district, average income, etc.

Advantage of Using Both the Internet and Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Buying a Home

A major thing to consider when using the Internet to search for one story homes in Carlsbad is that a Real Estate agent can give you direct and immediate access to the homes that are currently for sale.  The online portals like Zillow, Trulia, and others do not send homes to you directly from the Multiple Listing Service like your agent would. That is fine while you are in the “browsing” mode.  However, when you are in the “buying” mode, your dream home may not last the 24 hours to 72 hours it takes for these portals to download and send the listings to you.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the portals have between 26% to 77% of the available listings.  Your agent has 100% of the properties in the MLS and could send them out to you within minutes of them being newly listed, back on the market or reduced in price.”

Even if you have gathered lots of information online, you still need to have an experienced professional real estate agent to help you navigate the complex home buying process.

Here are the Top 6 Reasons Why You Need an Agent:

1. An agent can help you negotiate the best deal. Your computer or the Internet won’t able to help you negotiate with the seller or get you the best deal on the home you want to buy.

2. An agent can help you find the right home. Online photos can look attractive or sometimes deceiving and it takes the seasoned eye of a real estate agent to pinpoint potential problems that can save you remorse from buying the wrong home.

3. An agent can guide you through the obstacles of home buying. The home buying process is a complex one and an experienced agent can help you know what to expect, help you understand contracts and unfamiliar terms, and guide you through any problems or obstacles you may encounter.

4. An agent can answer your questions. Sometimes the Internet cannot provide you with all the answers about a neighborhood or a home. The  best resource for answers to all your questions about a home and the home buying process will be a seasoned real estate agent.

5. An agent can provide service even after closing. After you have closed the deal, you can still rely on your agent to help you with other things like giving referrals for roof repair boosting your  home’s curb appeal.

6. Unexpected bonus is that your buyers agent is paid by the seller, not you.  You can get your own representation at no cost to you!

The Internet is a great tool to find homes and information about home buying but the only way you can truly be sure that a home or an area is right for you is by walking through it. Visit to know more about single story homes in Carlsbad CA and see the latest listings!

Find your dream home today. Partner with a knowledgeable and experienced local Realtor® who can help you buy or sell San Diego CA homes at the right price and the right time. Call or text Dennis Smith at 760-212-8225, or email at for all your real estate needs.


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Dennis and Sunshine Smith are Realtors with RE/MAX BY-THE-SEA in the San Diego area. We have the Local Knowledge and Expertise by assisting buyers, sellers & investors in San Diego County since 1994.

About Dennis Smith

Dennis and Sunshine Smith are Realtors with RE/MAX BY-THE-SEA in the San Diego area. We have the Local Knowledge and Expertise by assisting buyers, sellers & investors in San Diego County since 1994.
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