Buy More Home with Less Down Payment

Unison Homebuyer program

Buy More Home with Less Down Payment with the Unison Homebuyer Financing Program

Buy The Home You Really Want

A home in a nice neighborhood with good schools, an easy commute and quality of life commands a premium price. A price that may be out of reach of even relatively high-income buyers.

Financing with a low down payment loan may not bring that home any closer. Putting down less than 20% means a larger loan balance and typically requires mortgage insurance.

Together these factors can balloon the monthly payment to more than your budget allows.

That is where the Unison HomeBuyer program comes in.

Home Ownership Investment

With this unique homebuyer financing program, Unison HomeBuyer can contribute up to half of your down payment. Most typically, we will match your 10% down payment, allowing you to put down a full 20%. For example, if you’ve saved $50,000, we can contribute another $50,000 to increase your total down payment to $100,000.


• Buy more home: Expand the price range of homes you can consider by 15-20% or more. You’ll have more home choices in more desirable areas. That means you’re more likely to find a home you want to in the neighborhood you really want to buy in.

• Lower your monthly payment: You can put more money down and get alower monthly payment. You get the home you want while maintaining your financial security.

• Reserve cash: If you already have the full 20%, you can reserve half your cash for priorities like education or investments.

• Double your down payment: In some buying situations, you just have to have a full 20% down. Unison HomeBuyer can double your down payment to get you over this hurdle.

• Present a stronger offer: Increase purchasing power and a full 20% down can allow you to better compete when bidding on your dream home.

We are excited to make it possible for you to buy the home you really want. It could be the ideal neighborhood, or a larger home with an extra bedroom for your kids, or a shorter commute to work.

Whatever is important to you in your ideal home, a home ownership investment from Unison HomeBuyer financing program can help make it a reality.

A True Partnership

The Unison HomeBuyer program is a true partnership because we invest alongside you. The cash we contribute to the purchase is not a loan, so we don’t charge interest, and we don’t receive monthly payments. Instead, we hope to earn a return on our investment by sharing in the profit when you sell your home – up to 30 years in the future. You can also buy us out after 3 years.

Please contact Dennis Smith at 760-212-8225 for more information and to connect with a Unison home loan specialist.

About Unison
San Francisco-based Unison is a home ownership investment company that partners with individual home buyers, enabling them to buy the home they really want. Unison has achieved national recognition in, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and The Los Angeles Times.
This informational flyer has been prepared and approved by Unison Agreement Corp. as a general introduction for prospective home buyers to the Unison HomeBuyer equity investment program. Your real estate agent can introduce you to a Unison Program Specialist. A Unison Program Specialist can provide you full and specific details
on the program and process your Unison HomeBuyer Agreement application. Actual down payment funding terms offered under a Unison HomeBuyer Agreement will be provided after application and approval, via a written Conditional Approval Package. Note: A transaction fee of 2.5% is payable to Unison at closing. ©2016 Unison Agreement Corp. All rights reserved. Real Estate Equity Exchange, Inc., offers Unison HomeBuyer Agreements exclusively through its subsidiaries Unison Agreement Corp.
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License #0226-025731, WA DL License #19288. Unison is an independent investor and is not affiliated with any bank or lender. 8038 UHB Program Overview 161117

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Dennis and Sunshine Smith are Realtors with RE/MAX BY-THE-SEA in the San Diego area. We have the Local Knowledge and Expertise by assisting buyers, sellers & investors in San Diego County since 1994.

About Dennis Smith

Dennis and Sunshine Smith are Realtors with RE/MAX BY-THE-SEA in the San Diego area. We have the Local Knowledge and Expertise by assisting buyers, sellers & investors in San Diego County since 1994.
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