House Hunting Checklist

 Checklist for House Hunting

Two Primary considerations are the House and the Neighborhood.

The House: First Impression, Closets, Flooring, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Internet, Fire Place & Exterior.

The Neighborhood:  Is it well maintained, Traffic, Feeling of Safety, Area noise level, Street parking, Neighborhood amenities and HOA.

Last question: Is this a home you can see yourself living in?


House Hunting Checklist

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How to Throw a Party Without Going Broke

How do I Throw a Party Without Going Broke

1 – Set a Budget

2 – Create a Guest List

3 – Plan your Entertainment

4 – Plan your Menu

5 – Decorate

Page 2

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Activities & Events Calendar for November 2017 in San Diego County

Activities & Events in San Diego County for November 2017.

Nov. 1-27 Del Mar Fall Racing

Nov 3-12 – San Diego Beer Week

Nov 4-5 – Renaissance Fair in Escondido

Nov 5 – Daylight Savings time change

Nov 11 – Veterans Day Parade

Nov 17 – Music by the Sea Concerts in Encinitas

Nov 19 – Mother Goose Parade in El Cajon

Nov 23 – Turkey Trot Fundraiser in Oceanside

And many more Activities & Events around San Diego County…

Calendar of Events Nov 2017

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How To Maintain Your Credit In a Scary World

How To Maintain Your Credit

Maintain Low Balances on ALL  your Credit Cards and Revolving Lines of Credit. (Keep them under 1/3, even if you pay them off each month.)

Setup Automatic Bill Pay.

Keep Rate Shopping within a 30-day Window.

Reconsider Closing Accounts.

Contact Experian about their Breach



I have a contact that can help you get eliminate old consumer debt along with some school loans.  Call me at 760-212-8225 for her information

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California Fire Disaster Resources

Here are many California Fire Disaster Resources and tips.

Please feel welcome to e-mail me with additional resources.

1 – Get prepared to evacuate.

2 – Evacuate when told or sooner. Find shelters.

3 – I’m passing this info on from a retired Fremont police officer. She was a victim of the Oakland hills fire years ago and here is some information that helped her out.
(1) Contact their insurance companies. Most will cover hotel stays, apart from the usual coverage. Call them immediately and get your claim started as soon as you know you have a loss.  They can issue checks immediate checks for temporary housing.
Get a picture of your home confirming it’s a loss. DO NOT try to get one if it is unsafe, but if you have one, get this started.
(2) Call their credit card companies and have the last 3-6 months of their purchases reimbursed back (get a police report that testifies you are a fire victim).
(3) If you are renting and are a minor, your parents’ home insurance may cover your belongings (this is how I got my stuff reimbursed through my parent’s home insurance even if they lived 300 miles away at that time).
(4) Call your chain retail stores and see what they can offer to fire victims (I remember GAP gave away free clothes to fire victims up to $500 per person…yes my roommates and I were like walking GAP ads and literally that was all the clothes we had).
(5) Get as many resources and information as you can and keep passing the info around. You will see the kindness of strangers and the familial treatment of friends.

Here is a list of Fire Disaster Resources I found to assist you, friends or family that have gone thru a disaster.

Apply for FEMA Disaster Relief Funds
Those affected by the California wildfire should apply for assistance by calling toll-free to (800) 621-FEMA (3362).  Disaster victims may register by calling this number. You do not have to wait to go to a disaster assistance center. The number for speech and hearing impaired individuals is (800) 462-7585.  Federal disaster assistance available for residents and businesses in the affected counties includes temporary housing assistance, disaster loans and other needs assistance grants.

FHA Mortgage Insurance for Disaster Victims
The Section 203(h) program allows the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to insure mortgages made by qualified lenders to victims of a major disaster who have lost their homes and are in the process of rebuilding or buying another home.

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
The California Office of Emergency Services provides information and links to various sites for information about assistance programs for wildfire victims.

State and federal agencies and disaster relief organizations have begun to set up disaster hotlines to help victims of the recent devastating firestorms in California.

Emergency Services Government Agencies

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Hotline
800 621.FEMA
800.462.7585 ( TTD)
Contractors State License Board (Sacramento)
800.962.1125 (victims)
Department of Consumer Affairs
Department of Insurance
800. 927.4357
Internal Revenue Service (Federal Income Tax)
Franchise Tax Board (California Income Tax)

Legal Services

Contact local bar associations for referrals and any available emergency services, for example:
Los Angeles County Bar Association
San Bernardino County Bar Association
San Diego County Bar Association
Ventura County Bar Association
C.A.R. members may contact the Member Legal Hotline 213.739.8282

Loan Information

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Community Development Block Grant Program (Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Here is a link about the legal issues for current buyers and sellers and tenants that have fire damage.  This was put out by the California Association of Realtors and may only be able to be opened by a CAR member. If that is the case, contact me or your local REALTOR.  Firestorms: Basic Real Estate Legal Issues

Beware of fake charities and GoFundMe pages.

Please feel welcome to forward these Fire Disaster Resources to friends, relatives, Realtors and anyone who may benefit from this information.

Our prayers go out to the people who lost homes, businesses, possessions and loved ones.

Coffey Park Fire Aftermath

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Community Resource Center Holiday Baskets Drive

Community Resource Center Holiday Baskets Drive Donation List

Please bring one or more of the following items to

Olivenhain Meeting Hall & Old Schoolhouse
423 Rancho Santa Fe Road
Olivenhain, CA 92024
Monday, November 20th from 4 PM to 7 PM
We will deliver all the donations so they can be added to the 1000+ baskets for those in need.  Tax Donation forms will be available if you want the writeoff.

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Moving With Kids

Why People Move With Kids?


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Activities & Events Calendar for October 2017 in San Diego County

San Diego County Activities & Events Calendar for October 2017

So many wonderful things to do in October.

Calendar Of Events for Oct 2017



Make many Great Memories this month.

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The San Diego Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process for San Diego County.

1 –  Do your Homework.

A – Where do you want to live

B – What do you want in a home?

C – What are the Deal Breakers?

2 – Get Pre-Approved for your Mortgage

A – Make sure your Credit is in good shape.

B – Avoid making large purchases.

C – Avoid opening new credit lines.

3 – Start Your Home Search

A – Call Dennis Smith at 760-212-8225

B – Download Free Home Search App



Just Call Dennis Smith at 760-212-8225 to be your guide.

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Boost Your Home’s Online Appeal with Pro Pictures

Boost Your Home’s Online Appeal with Professional Pictures

5 Keys to Great Listing Photos

1 – Shoot in the Morning or Late Afternoon.

2 – Focus on the Details.

3 – Shoot from Different Angles.

4 – Tell a Story thru Staging

5 – Hire a Professional


Point 5 is very important.
All my listings have Professional Pictures.

Call me at 760-22-8224 when you are thinking about selling your home.
This is just a small part of what we do.

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