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We Make Home Buying
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Welcome San Diego County Home Seller


How I maximize your home profits within your time frames.

I have constructed this page as an introduction to my services for those people who contact me via my web site and other online programs.  Since I have only minimum details and may not have seen your property,  I can only give you general information on how I can best represent you and your needs.  I can provide a more detailed proposal at a later date.  As your agent, I will put your needs above my needs.  I will market your property locally and nationally to both buyers and the Real Estate community in order to get you the highest price possible within your terms and time frames. 

Below are just some of the ways I aggressively advertise and promote your property. 

1    To 18,000+ Local agents and brokers via well worded MLS ad copy
2    To local agents via a Broker Caravan
3    To Buyers & Agents through my personal network
4    To Buyers via my 11 web sites and appx. 5 top national RE web sites. You get your own
      web page on line within 24 hours which will be promoted on over 200 web sites
5    To Buyers via a bold For Sale sign with a Cell/Text phone number with call capture
6    To Buyers via Attractive flyers inside and out
7    To Buyers via select ads in the Home Buyers Magazine and in Newspapers
8    To Buyers via personally knocking on doors and/or mailing to 300+ neighbors 
9    With a virtual tour of your home  
10   A Cell/Text phone number with 24 hr. follow-me service that rings my office & cell phone.
11. Market property on the Orange County MLS.
12. Market property on the Riverside County MLS.

See below for complete details of my 128 point plan.

My Home Sellers Handbook has a lot of good general information on selling your home.

I have many pages in my web sites that will help you as a seller, such as:

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact me.  I am here to help.

If you are planning on buying locally after your sale, I have a program called PBS for Preferred Buyers Search. It is a program for those people who are serious about buying a property now.  I program your buying parameters into the PBS and search the MLS computerized listings on a daily basis so you can be one of the first people to know when a property comes on the market. (The best deals go fast so you need to be ready).  If your home has not sold yet, we can make an offer contingent upon the successful close of your property.

If you plan to relocate outside of San Diego County, I can give you a referral to a quality agent or two anywhere you need.


Dennis and Donna "Sunshine" Smith's Professional Real Estate Services

We are full time Real Estate Professionals.   Our only job is to successfully & safely put buyers & sellers together !

We are applying for the job of selling your property.  May we start now?

Our Guarantees to you:

1)  Satisfaction: 
If after 30 days, you are not satisfied with the job I am doing for you, you may cancel the contract for any reason except to avoid paying a rightful commission (any buyer that came during the listing period)

2)  100% Exposure Guarantee:   We guarantee that we will advertise your property within 24 hours of listing & advertise it EVERY DAY thereafter, until sold!

Lots of Realtors do lots of things to help sell your home. Dennis and Donna "Sunshine" Smith do all these things and MORE...

Reaching Your Goals:  We need to know what is important to you in these areas:

  • Your urgency or time frame
  • Our Marketing Plan and other services
  • Your role in the successful sale
  • How we communicate
  • Your net proceeds
  • Our background and qualifications
  • Relocation/Buying your next home
  • Other concerns or questions you may have

We will work to sell your property:

  • At the highest net and best terms to you
  • Within your timeframes
  • With the least stress and inconvenience to you.

A successful sale is not an accident. It takes:

  • A property that stands out
  • An aggressive marketing plan
  • A strategy for showing off the property
  • Pricing at market value
  • Handling the details to complete the transaction.

Home Showing Analysis & Preparation:
You do not get a 2nd chance to make the best 1st impression.

  • Tour the property from the Buyer´s standpoint. I have worked with thousands of buyers and I know what they want
  • Conduct a complete "staging" analysis of the property
  • Review interior of the property to maximize attractiveness
  • Assist the seller in storing large pieces of furniture & stuff
  • Review exterior of the property to maximize "Curb appeal"
  • Recommend exterior improvements to maximize attractiveness
  • Assist property owner in preparation of the property for showing on a room by room basis
  • Advise you of cost effective and/or necessary improvements
  • Ordering pest control and professional home inspections prior to marketing
  • Review safety and security precautions
  • Review showing information & recommendations

Marketing: We only need 1 buyer. But we need a complete marketing plan to find that 1 buyer and convince them that your home is the right one for them. Our aggressive marketing plan will insure the successful sale of your home.

NOTE!  Most agents will do the basics:
1 Enter the property into the local San Diego MLS
2 Run a few newspaper ads
3 Do a comparative market analysis
That could be enough to sell your home but why not NET more money with Dennis & Donna "Sunshine" Smith and our Complete Professional Real Estate Services Program

Our Program:

Marketing & Advertising - Discuss how it can affect your NET return on the home.

Create a customized marketing plan that targets most likely buyers realizing that every home is different and is marketed differently

General Marketing & Preparation:
· Take photographs of the property for use in marketing materials
· Obtain virtual tour of the property (most properties)
· Fill out "My Home is Great" form
· Develop an attractive description of the property for marketing
· Review the benefits and drawbacks of the lock box
· Review the benefits and drawbacks of the real estate sign
· Design attractive color flyers for the property inside and out
· Consult as to advertising copy for various media
· Print color & b/w flyers

Marketing to 18,000+ Agents
· Provide flyer display stand and flyers for inside the property
· Provide fax feedback form on property for agent feedback
· Follow-up with agents on showing appointments
· Submit property to Multiple Listing Service and its 18,000+ agents
· Submit property to Orange & Riverside county MLS systems.
· Submit supplement to MLS
· Check in the MLS "reverse prospecting" section
· Promote property to agents in Taylor Place office
· Hold a Broker/Agent Open House
· Network about the property with other Real Estate Professionals – Local & National.
· Direct fax or e-mail marketing to top producing buyers agents

Our personal Marketing
· Meet potential buyers at the property
· Follow-up with potential buyers from Advertising opportunities
· Update marketing program as necessary
· Constantly search for new marketing ideas for your home

Neighborhood & Buyer Marketing
· Develop "Just Listed" postcards
· Direct mail advertising
· Contact 300+ neighbors by phone, mail or door knocking
· Place appropriate riders on the sign
· Place brochure box on the sign
· Keep brochure box supplied with flyers

Internet Marketing
· Feature property on my 9 personal web sites:,,, and more

· Internet advertising of your home on the following Web Sites (I use the Upgraded Promotion Package where possible): National Assn. of Realtors web site Microsoft web site  The Wall Street Journal Taylor Place web site

· Internet links to these Websites via major engines such as Yahoo!, Excite, Infoseek, AOL, GoTo, Alta Vista, HotBot, LookSmart, Snap, Google, MSN, Northern Light, Netscape, Go,, WebCrawler, AskJeves and Most other Realtors Web sites & more.


· Provide Real Estate Transfer Disclosure form to seller
· Conduct a through and diligent visual inspection of the property
· Review the status of any encumbrances against the property
· Obtain architectural drawings and permits relative to the property, if required
· Review the Agency Relationship Disclosure
· Review the FIRPTA Sellers Disclosure
· Review the Water Heater Disclosure
· Review the Smoke Detector Disclosure
· Review the required Natural Hazards Disclosures
· Review the Lead Disclosures
· Review the Flood Disclosures
· Review the Geologic Disclosures
· Review the Megan’s Law Disclosure
· Review the Environmental Risk Report
· Review the Earthquake/Seismic Disclosures.
· Review the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure statement
· Review Fire Danger Area Disclosure
· Review any addition disclosures which may be required for the property, including,
but not limited to Mello-Roos, Right to Farm, Soils, Septic
· Review Fair Housing Laws

Financial: Proper pricing anticipates what the buyers are willing to pay.

· Prepare a Competitive Market Analysis of the property
· Prepare a net sheet
· View competing properties for sale
· Develop a pricing strategy for the property
· Explain seller-carryback
· Explain how commissions are split between Listing and Selling Brokers
· Show how commission structure/split affects the show-ability of the property
· Research available financing options for the property
· Provide comparable and value analysis to Appraiser if requested
· If property is a condominium or PUD, work with Homeowner´s, Assn.
· Review market analysis periodically


· Contract Negotiation
· Order a Property Profile of the property
· Review Property Profile
· Consultation as to licensed pest control inspection
· Consultation as to pool/spa inspection
· Consultation as to roof inspection
· Consultation as to septic tank inspection, as necessary
· Consultation as to well inspection, as necessary
· Consultation as to correction of significant items discovered in inspections
· Consultation as to required Disclosures
· Consult with Seller on Fair Housing laws
· Coordinate property showings as needed
· Pre-qualify buyers
· Consult as to the coordination of the presentation of offers to purchase
· Consult as to merits of the offer
· Consult as to the possible course of action on each offer
· Consult as to multiple offer procedures and dangers
· Consult as to Counter-offers, as necessary
· Consult as to opening of escrow
· Review escrow documents
· Monitor the progress of the buyers loan
· Make sure that all the terms of the Purchase Contract are carried out
· Resolve question or problems as they arise
· Professional real estate brokerage service
· Experienced contract negotiation
· Office support services
· Relocation assistance and referrals
· Home showing and Safety Review

Professional services referrals (Pest, Property, Roof, Chimney, misc. repairs)

Provide Moving Handbook

Transaction Management Services

· In-house Transaction coordination services available at no extra charge
· Full-time support staff
· Team Approach: My wife Sunshine is my licensed assistant, customer service and marketing coordinator
· Appraisal coordination
· Coordination of inspections
· Coordination with co-op real estate agent
· Coordination with escrow officer
· Coordination with Lender
· Coordination with Homeowner Management group
· Coordination with insurance agent as requested
· Coordination with attorneys, heirs, trustees, as requested
· Coordination with Home Warranty company
· Reminder of needed changes in utilities: lights, heat, phone, etc.
· Arrange for key transfer at close of escrow
· Refer you to an outstanding Realtor in another area


· Obtain agent feedback on price and condition after showing
· Obtain agent feedback on price and condition after Broker Tours
· At a minimum, weekly status report to seller by phone, email, or in person
· Review marketing plan periodically
· Update you with changes in market conditions
· 800 number with caller ID and call capture
· We are available to show your property or to answer questions
7 days a week, 8AM to 9PM
· Let us know how to reach you at all times. We never know when an offer will arrive.

Client Testimonials at http://sandiegohomes4u.con/refs.htm

Thank you for taking your time to review all this information.

Our goal is to successfully market your home and meet all your Real Estate needs.

May I go to work for you now?

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Donna "Sunshine" Smith  SFR, Realtor
Dennis Smith, ABR, SRES, e-PRO, CDPE, Realtor
Local  760-436-0087    Cell/Text:  760-212-8225

We would love to reward you for your referrals to us. 
Licensed in CA, free referrals to quality Realtors Nationwide

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