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What Your Home is/is not Worth

                        The Market Value of Your Home is Not:

1. What you have in it.

2. What you need out of it.

3. What you want.

4. What it appraised for.

5. What you heard your neighbor's house sold for.

6. What the tax office says it is worth.

7. How much it is insured for.

8. Based on memories and treasures.

9. Based on prices of homes where you are moving

The True Market Value of Your Home Is:

What a Buyer is Willing to Pay for the Property

1. Based on today's market.

2. Based on today's competition.

3. Based on today's financing.

4. Based on today's economic condition.

5. Based on the buyer's perception of the condition.

6. Based on location.

7. Based on normal marketing time.

8.  Based on showing accessability

Properties That Sell in Today's Market:

On a Scale of 1-10, The "10's" Are The Ones That Are Selling.

How Can Your Property Be a "10"?

1. By improving the condition dramatically.   

2. By offering good terms.  

                              3. By improving the way the home shows.

                4. By adjusting the price.

As a Seller you control:

The price you ask.

The condition of the property.

Access to the property.

As a Seller you do not control:

Market conditions.

The motivation of your competition.


You set the asking price, the buyer sets the sales price.

You just say yes or no.

We are available to give you a free market valuation of your property
based on the above criteria.

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