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Vote Daily Through June 30th For Next Step Service Dogs!

Written by Dennis Smith

Looking for an easy way to help an organization that gives back to the community? If so, read the brief bio of Next Steps Service Dogs and click on the link below daily through June 30th to cast your vote and help this great organization win much needed funding!

Click on the link below to vote

Now through the end of June, Wells Fargo is holding a contest for local nonprofit and service organizations whereby the winner will be awarded $25,000! The organization with the most votes by July wins.

Now onto my friend Sally and her organization named Next Step Service Dogs… 

Next Step Service Dogs trains dogs to become companions for returning service men and women who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a traumatic brain injury. They have completed training and certification for 10 service dogs for veterans with PTSD last year, and currently have 10 dogs in training (will probably complete 15 or more certifications this year). 

So the training is going great, but additional funding is needed for continued progress and expansion.

To see more of the dogs (who are mostly rescues) who give new life to veterans with PTSD, see

Sally has seen the transformation that these service dogs bring to veterans who suffer with PTSD and traumatic brain injury. She mentioned that “the dogs do not cure them but they often give the veteran the basics of a new joyful life, the ability to go to the store again, play with their children, sleep more than 2 hours a night, and not bury themselves in pain. It is stunning.”

There are only a few days left in the contest, so be sure to click on the link above daily to vote for Sally and Next Step Service Dogs.  

Next Step Service Dog

Sub Zero: Science Meets Taste Buds

Written by Dennis Smith

My taste buds meet science recently at the ribbon cutting for Sub Zero in Encinitas. Sub Zero owner, multi-unit operator and master mixologist Suneethi Gudapati blasted colder than cold liquid nitrogen into our ice cream to freeze it instantly. The freshest, creamiest, ice cream appeared out of smoke and disappeared almost as quickly once I wrapped my taste buds around it.

Sub Zero has endless flavor possibilities as each cup of ice cream, yogurt or custard is made to order. You can even choose soy or rice milk as a base if you are looking for a lactose-free or vegan option. Once you have selected your base you can choose as many flavors as you want. Seriously. That means if you want a caramel, licorice, maple, piña colada and white chocolate ice cream, they can do that.

If you want burnt almond fudge, bubblegum, watermelon, pumpkin and root beer yogurt, they can do that too.

Sub ZeroWant just boring old vanilla or chocolate custard? No worries; they are equally undaunted by simplicity. If that’s not enough; SubZero offers 30 different types of mix-ins to spice things up.

Suneethi told us they also do catering for special events and frequently go into schools to entertain and delight kids. I guess I’m just a big kid as I was mesmerized by the flash freezing process and fluffy white smoke – see for yourself by clicking on the Bird Dog to your left.

You can experience this too at their new Encinitas location in the Trader Joe/Ralphs Shopping Center at Encinitas Blvd & El Camino Real.  You can also go to their kiosks at the North County Malls in Carlsbad & Escondido.