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We Make Home Buying
& Selling Easy!

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Personal Professional Services 
I Provide to Home Buyers


My experience has been that if I spend more time on the front end by clearly understanding your needs, it will take less of your time in a car, I surely don’t want to waste your time by showing you homes that you won’t like.

My job is to uncover and understand your needs, educate you on the market, what is currently available, what you can get for your money, negotiate in your interests, and help arrange financing if necessary.  Your job is to buy the house!


How I make home buying seem easy.

To save your time, minimize your stress, provide maximum security and help assure you get the best home for your money; I will perform the following services for you, the home buyer:

1.      Provide a complete explanation of the home buying process.

2.      Provide thorough knowledge of the current and emerging real estate market conditions.

3.      Assist you in selecting the best home for you, for your money.

4.      Write your purchase agreement to correctly and clearly express your intentions and represent your interests

5.      Submit your purchase agreement in a manner that will present you in the most favorable position.  Good homes go quickly so we have to be ready to compete.

6.      Review all contracts and disclosures in detail and provide negotiation representation and protect your interests.

7.      Provide assistance in obtaining the best possible financing of your next home.

8.      Coordinate the closing of your purchase with other Realtors, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, escrow officers, and title insurance companies.

9.      Provide on-going personal communication to keep you informed on the step-by-step progress of the purchase of your home.

10.  Provide post-sale follow-up to assure your total satisfaction.

It may matter more who personally represents your interests when buying a home than which home you may attempt to purchase.  If you try to buy the right home through the wrong agent, you may not get the home you want, and you may have an unsatisfactory home buying experience.

I do not work with everybody.  I work with select clients on an exclusive basis.  I get paid, only when you close on your house!

You get all my knowledge and expertise without cost to you.  The seller almost always pays for me to represent you.  This includes For Sale By Owners (FSBO) sellers, New Homes and Condo Conversion developments.  I can assist you with these homes too, however, you must contact me before you have ANY contact with these sellers.

You can’t get these personal services from me unless I am the agent you select to represent your interest in the purchase of your home.

I will commit to you if you will commit to me!

Buyer Counseling

My Role:

To help you select and acquire your next home.

My Services:

1.      All real estate agents are not the same.  I offer you knowledge, experience, approach, attitude, skill, time, communication, honesty, integrity and results.

2.      I will represent your best interests for the following:

a.       The home you select.

b.      The price you pay for a home.

c.       Ensure proper contract preparation.

d.      Negotiate professionally as your agent.

e.       Present you favorably to the seller.

f.        Help you in the selection of right financing vehicle and source.

g.       The financing that you receive.

h.       The long term appreciation you generate through your home.

i.         Help you solidify your financial position for years down the road.

j.        Help you avoid legal pitfalls.

k.      Help minimize the stress you experience through the transaction.

l.         Communicate all information and updates during and after the transaction.

m.     Coordinate the closing and the keys.

n.       Ensure timeliness of the closing.

3.      Inform you of timely and pertinent market knowledge.

a.       I study the marketplace for you.

4.      Provide you with knowledge of the process – allows you to experience less stress & anxiety.

5.      Review your financial options and qualifications

a.       Types of financing available.

b.      Where to obtain the financing.

c.       Ensure there are no surprises with your mortgage origination.

d.      If the lender is not “your lender” you will work harder.

e.       Discuss what is pre-qualifying vs. pre-approval.

f.        Discuss what is an earnest money deposit.

g.       Discuss the accessibility of your earnest money.

h.       Selection Assistance.

6.      Discuss the importance of commitments.

a.       I don’t work with everybody.

b.      I work on a “contingency fee” basis.

c.       I carefully select my clients.

d.      It takes work and my commitment to succeed.

e.       I believe I can help you.

f.        It matters who represents your interests.

g.       Exchange of commitments

… I’ll commit to you if you commit to me.

If this is what you want from your representative in the purchase or sale of your next home, please contact me at 760-436-0087 or Cell/Text at 760-212-8225 or 

I devote myself to serving the needs of my clients before, during, and after each transaction.  All I ask in return is that, while I am working for you, I would like you to refer me to people of comparable quality to yourself, who are thinking of the type of service I provide and who would appreciate the same level of attention I provide you.

You see, as long as you and my other clients keep referring me, I do not have to go out prospecting like most agents, and I can do an even better job of working for you and for your referrals. 

With a sincere interest in helping you,  Dennis Smith.



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